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Jim McKenney
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:28:45 PDT
Nikko wrote: “6) Re Jim McKenny’s official version of the nerine story:  I’m
not a fully 

paid up subscriber to the Guernsey shipwreck-…”


Nikko, thanks for those comments on the story of the introduction of Nerine
sarniensis. This topic came up  in January 2008, and at that time an article
by Graham Duncan  which cast doubt on the “official” version was mentioned.
However, Duncan’s article does not provide the basis for these doubts. I
responded at that time asking if anyone knew the basis for those doubts. 


It took two and a half years to get an answer! 


If you or anyone else would like to see that exchange from 2008, Google

+[pbs] [Nerine McKenney shipwreck] site:///


I mention there that the earliest accounts of the story that I am aware of
were published in the late seventeenth century, decades after the time of
the purported shipwreck, but still within the life span of persons who might
have witnessed the events or heard them as first hand accounts. 


It seems to me that there is this to be said in favor of the traditional
version of the story: Nerine sarniensis was long thought to be of Japanese
origin. If Lambert had acquired his plants through legitimate sources, isn’t
it likely that they would have been known from the beginning to have been
brought from the Cape and not from Japan?   


Whatever the actual facts are, yours is certainly the more interesting


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