What's Your Favorite Plant You Own?

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Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:39:51 PDT
I should comment that my last posting on this topic might have been 
misunderstood--i.e., disgusting, etc.  and ,might  well have posed a problem 
in that there was no tone of voice, no facial expression, no note of 
xplanation about hyperbole as a form of irony.

The more temperate note offered by Dr. Waddick perhaps is to be preferred at 
this venue.  But...there's  a part of me that feels that this  "favorite" 
stuff was sort of a 7th grade suggestion.  Sorry...guys

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> Dear Friends,
> This is an impossible question.
> 1. Each day my "favorite" can change because it comes into bloom, emerges 
> from dormancy or makes a statement.
> 2. Even a group of plants - Begonias, or Iris or Cactus can change from 
> season to season.
> 3. Also important is that the web introduces us to new, never before seen 
> and MUST HAVE plants we can't possibly obtain or grow, but love at first 
> sight. (PBS is guilty here)
> 4. Finally , every plant breeder or seed grower is always hoping that the 
> next seedling, the next generation, will be a combination of all the new 
> characters they are hoping for. The 'plant of the future' will be a new 
> favorite.
> Favorite plant? Impossible. Any and all are candidates. Best Jim W.
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