Lilium pic in situ

Matt Mattus
Sun, 08 Aug 2010 11:28:18 PDT
Hi Justin,

Welcome to the group. A note to everyone about Flickr, you can download the
images, and the quality is excellent. The only way you would not be able to
download, is if the person who posted the image identifies it as not

I post frequently to Flickr. I keep all of my bulb images in group sets, by
genus (my member name is Alpinist35), along with many NARGS and global
members who post there. I am not certain why I don't post to the Wiki, but I
think I fall into the camp of "I tried, but either stopped, or don't know
how". Poor excuses, I know.

It may be that even though I grow many bulbs, I lurk more than participate
in the PBS, because I enjoy reading the posts and discussions, learning a
lot in the process, but I am also slightly intimidated with my level of
taxonomic knowledge within this group of friendly, yet experienced experts.

I am also guilty of using the library of images for reference, since the
cultural knowledge is accurate and current, very useful for new and expert
growers. The PBS Wiki is a great resource, and we should all make more of an
effort to keep it that way by posting there.


Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA 
USA Zone 5 ( but this summer like Zone 12)

On 8/8/10 1:49 PM, "Justin Smith" <> wrote:

> Hi Cynthia,
> Sure I would love to send you this image the "regular" way. uh. just one
> little problem though is I dunno what the "regular" way is. lol sorry for my
> ignorance. I don't know how to post a pic on PBS and I would never post
> anything uninvited 

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