pollinating Hipp. and Griffinia

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Thu, 26 Aug 2010 16:10:36 PDT
Tsuh Yang,
It seems that Griffinia species are self incompatable, so more than one clone is needed.  I have had a Griffinia (no species name on it) from Gardino's nursery in Florida for some time (non spotted leaves), it never has set seed.  I acquired another species of Griffinia (spotted leaves) in a trade, and was able to cross it with a plant of my original species, now I see good seed pods on both.  So it would be best to acquire other clones of your Griffinia, or do interspecific crosses.  
Ernie DeMarie
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my Hipp. striatum reticulatum is in bloom for the first time. i didn't think 
hey'd be so easy to grow and bloom.  two bulbs, each with a stalk with 2 
lowers each.  they are grown under rather low light (2 40-watts tubes).  how do 
 get them to set seed?
my Griffinia spiritensis blooms every year but i have not had any seed.  if 
here's any trick to it, please let me know.

suh yang

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