named mystery bulb

Ina Crossley
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 21:11:15 PDT
  Spoke with Shirley today who also has offsets growing now, but has no 
idea about the seed setting bit.  Hopefully I will find out with my 
bulbs.  She originally got it from Joys Plants which is a nursery which 
often has unusual plants, but she only got it last year too, so am 
honoured she gave me some already!

If they set seed, will save your email address and let you know.  Might 
even have some to send to Dell.....  Wishful thinking.

Ina :-)         on a mild fine winter day in Auckland.

On 8:59 a.m., bulborum botanicum wrote:
> Hello Ina
> I will wait for the answer
> I think its an interesting plant
> very little known
> Roland
> 2010/8/4 Ina<>
>>   Hello Roland
>> At this stage it looks like it could be multiplying by offsets.  Don't know
>> anything else about it yet as I was given it as a few bulbs a year ago, so
>> this is it first spring with me.  Will wait to see if it sets seed and will
>> let the PBS know.
>> Also will check with the Shirley, the giver.  However, when I was talking
>> on the phone with her earlier this week, to let her know the name, she had
>> absolutely no recollection of having it!  Fortunately I had written her name
>> on it when I got it, so will see her in a couple of days and she may have
>> found it by then.
>> Ina      from Auckland where the rain has stopped temporarily.....
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