Griffinia Leaves, What's Going On?

Josh Young
Sun, 29 Aug 2010 10:31:53 PDT
Nhu & Adam,

    I got this plant from New York, our humidity has been pretty high this 
summer around here, usually between 60-75 percent.  The average humidity is 
usually between 40-50 percent.  I figured the brown was from some sort of stress 
from changing locations, when I got the plant it was VERY little potting mix, 
the pot was only 1/4 full and that was including the root system and bulb and 
the pot was a very small.  I immediately repotted it in a larger pot with a 
better potting mixture.   I have it in a very shaded area that receives no 
direct sun and I keep the potting mix slightly moist.  I did knock it out of the 
pot to check the root structure and they're very nice and white and the roots 
are now filling the pot.  

    I guess I was primarily worried that it was some sort of insect or something 
and I didn't want it to spread throughout everything else!

Thanks so much for the timely responses.
Anderson, IN


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