Nerine thoughts: Michael's Growlist

Diane Whitehead
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 21:54:20 PDT
Michael sent his message with an attached list of his named nerines.   
The PBS list can't accept attachments, so I have copied the list here.

Diane Whitehead

Gardener’s Pride Botanicals – Nerine Grow list 2010
Michael Homick & Paul Machado

Abacus, Abba,  Ace High, African Goddess, Afterglow, Albion, All Girl,  
Altazar, Angel’s Kiss, Angela Limerick, Anna Fletcher, Annie, Apricot  
Frills, Apricot Rose, Aptos, Aristocrat, Arnheim, Artic Snow,  Audrey  
Holland Hibbert, Autumn Glory, Ball O’ Roses, Balleroo, Beautiful  
Coral, Belle Star, Ben Hills, Black Ruby, Blanchfleur, Blue Arabesque,  
Blue Boquet, Blue Cadillac, Blue Grey, Blue Note, Blue on Blue, Blue  
Rose, Blue Ruffles, Blush White, Bobbie J., Bonfire, Bonita, Bow  
Jangles, Briar Rose, Brilliant Red, Brownie, Buff Queen, By Golly,  
Cajun, Caladan Rose, California, Cameo, Candy Mountain, Cantique,  
Captivation, Cardinal, Carmenita, Carol, Casablanca, Cassandra, Center  
Kiss, Cerise, Chan Loo, Changeful, Character Actor, Charlotte Smith,  
Charm, Cherry Ripe, Chiffon, Chinese Silk, Christmas Lights,  
Cimmerion, Classical Jazz, Cleopatra, Clint, Color Me Red, Coltraine,  
Complete Satisfaction, Contratemps, Copernicus, Coper Sunset, Coral,  
Coral Beauty, Coralina, Corusa, Crimson Rose, Curiosity,  Cynthia  
Chase, Dalliance, Damsel, Dark Blue, Desdemona,  Diablo, Diamond Lil,  
Diamonte, Discovery, Djabul, Dover, Early Snow, Edith Goodman,  
Eleanora, Eli, Elsje Hart, Emma Menninger, Empire, Etrucine, Exotic  
Dancer, Exuberance, Fairest, Fanciful, Ffiske, Fire Flash, Fireball,  
Firebrand, Firewheel,  Flamboyant, Flicker, Frilly Lass, Fuschia,  
Galaxy, Galileo, Ghost, Glacier, Gladiator, Gladys Dittman, Glamorous,  
Glorious Medly, Grace in Lace, Grand Slam, Grandee, Great Moments,  
Halloween, Harvest Moon, Henrietta, Hermitage, High Barbary, Highdown  
Scarlet,  Hirao, Hon. Mrs. Kingscote, Hot Pink, Ice White, Iceburg,  
Into the Moon, Invictus,  Jarabutt, Jessica, Jupiter’s Eye, Katty,  
Keith White, Kelly, Khadrawi, Kimsee, King of the Belgians, King Snow,  
Kingmaker, Knight Templar, La Gioconda, La Mousmee,  Lacey, Lady  
Havelock-Allen, Lady Llewellyn, Lady St. Aldwyn, Land O’ Goshen,  
Langleigh, Lasca, Latecomer, Leonid, Lochnara, Look at Me, Love That  
Pink, Lovelight Gleaming, Lovely, Lovely Rose, Lovey, Lu Anne,  
Luscious, Magenta Violet, Magna Pink, Magnificent Rose, Magnificent  
Violet, Maiden, Majestic Pride, Man O’ War,  Marble Arch, Marchese  
Roi, Margot, Merinda, Merry Christmas, Midnight Sonata, Midnight Sun,  
Mighty Aphrodite, Milky Way, Miss E. Cator, Miss Scarlet, Miss  
Shelley, Miss Willmott, Monday’s Child, Mother of Pearl,  My Love,  
Mystery, Near White, New Pink, Newbury Park,  Nidia, Occam’s Razor,  
October David, Odd Ball, Olivia, Optimist, Orange Frills, Orange Love,  
Orange Thunder, Orangeade, Orion,  Outreacher, Pacesetter, Palomar  
II,  Pamela, Panygea, Peach Beauty, Peachy, Pekin, Perigee, Picotee  
Pink, Pink Balloon, Pink Brocade, Pink Catawba, Pink Diamond, Pink  
Fairy, Pink Foam, Pink Frills, Pink Frith, Pink Ice, Pink Lilac, Pink  
Parade, Pink Rose, Pink Salute, Pink Satin,  Pink Sensation, Pink  
Shadows, Pink Zesty, Pizazz, Poet’s Soul, Pointsetta, Premontion,  
Pretty Girl, Pretty Pretty, Quest, Radiant Queen, Raffish, Raggety  
Andy, Rameses, Ramona, Ramrod Red, Rapscallion. Rayla, Red Chakra, Red  
Comb, Red Crater, Red Delight, Red Emperor, Red Glow, Red Passion, Red  
Porcelain, Red Prolific, Red Rascal, Red Revlon, Red Snappy, Red Sun,  
Red Vermillion,  Redcap, Redwood, Regal I, Regency, Revlon, Ride The  
Wind, Rondolay, Rosalie, Rose, Rose Breeder, Rose Glow, Rose Lawn,  
Rose Neon, Rose Parade, Rose Princess, Rose Riot, Rotherside, Royal  
Red, Royal Road, Rubicon, Rushmere Star, Rushmere Victor, Ruth,  
Salaam, Salmon on White, Salmon Rose, Salmon Supreme, Salmon Whirl,  
Scarlet, Scarlet Admiral, Seashell, Sharon Madison, Sheelah  
Mulholland, Shifting Sands, Show Stopper, Showgirl, Sigil, Silk Ridge,  
Silver Blush, Simone, Sleighbells, Smoke Dance, Smoked Salmon, Smokey  
Red, Snow,  Snow Maiden, Snow White, Snowbird, Snowflake, Solent Swan,  
Spitfire, Starsearcher, Steph, Sugar Plum, Summer, Sunset Frills,  
Sylph, Taj Mahal,  Talisman, Tall Red, Tall Timbertales, Tan Tan,  
Tango, Tender Touch, Teona, The Roan,  Thrill White, Tibet, Tip Top,  
Titania, Tondeleya, Treasure, Tribecka, Trumpets Blare, Twin Colors,  
Twinkle White, Tzim, Vermillion, Vermillion Thrill, Very Pretty  
Salmon, Vestal, Virgin Snow, Virgo, Vivid, Wanderlust, Waremba,  
Warratah Red, Watch This Red, Watuusi, White Cap, White Crinkles,  
White Dazzle, White Ibis, White Salmon, White Tara, Wild Horses, Wild  
Salmon, Willamette, Winsome, Winter’s Tale, With It, Xiu Xiu, Yes Sir,  
Ylang-Ylang, Zicklin, Zinfandel, Zinkowski

Photos and information on availability will be listed as time permits  

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