Boophone haemanthoides in bloom at UCBG

Max Withers
Fri, 06 Aug 2010 09:52:11 PDT
Thanks for alerting us, Jacob. I know where I'm going for lunch today!

Telos had B. haemanthoides for sale this year, but sold out before I got 
my order in. Lesson #1: if you see something you want, do not hesitate!

Lesson #2: I was moving some Nerines around the other day when I 
inadvertantly pulled up one of those fleshy Amaryllid roots Jacob 
mentioned. I am not sure who it belonged to, but the nearest suspects (4 
year old Boophane disticha or Haemanthus coccineus) were over 2 feet 
away. The root was at least 1/4" inch in diameter, and quite juicy 
despite the bone dry soil that hasn't seen water since (I think) early May.

Max Withers
Oakland CA

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