minimum temp for Nerine

Max Withers
Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:07:53 PDT
  Thank you Michael for checking Amazon! 17-21 C does make sense for 
summer soil temp. And I also suspect that cooler winter temperatures 
than 9C are acceptable in situ, if not in Dutch greenhouses -- I would 
guess at least 3 months worth from Lee's Guernsey data.

One further note: I transplanted my few N. sarniensis ('Corusca major', 
as it happens) about a month ago. They were growing in my local clay 
with rather more shade than I'd intended. They had not received any 
intentional supplemental water -- the soil was completely dry. The bulbs 
were firm, large, and scaling nicely, but they did not have extensive 
fleshy roots (at least not compared to the Boophane I inadvertently 
disturbed during the transplant). They produced many leaves last year 
but no flowers. I moved them to a hotter and drier spot, which may have 
been a mistake... We'll see how they respond.

Max Withers

On 8/31/10 3:10 AM, wrote:
>      To summarize: plant in the fall and grow at 17-21C (62-70F).  After
> flowering is finished (around November in the northern hemisphere), reduce
> temperatures to 9-12C (42-55F) or possibly lower -- temps lower than 9C were
> not tested in the research.  In the spring, gradually increase temperature
> as the foliage starts to yellow.  Bulbs are generally dormant by the end of
> April, and should spend the summer in the 17-21C (62-70F) range.

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