Ismene seedling -- is this the ture narcissiflora?

David Ehrlich
Sat, 14 Aug 2010 19:09:47 PDT
  Some years ago I purchased a bulb or bulbs of Hymenocallis or Ismene species 
calathina or narcissiflora at a big box store.  I also bought a Sulphur Queen, 
and put them in the same pot.  After the first year or two, the Sulphur Queen 
ceased existing, but the white-flowered plant continues to increase.  Today I 
have 9 scapes, 5 of which are already in bloom.  I don’t know whether I have the 
true Ismene narcissiflora or not, but my plant is fertile and produces a few ¾ 
inch green immies (spheres) every year.  I’m still learning how to raise the 
seedlings.  I have been growing a seedling from one of last year’s seeds for 
about 2 months.  I planted the seed just below the soil last September or 
October, and left it outside during our very wet winter.  The cotyledon emerged 
above ground around mid-June.  It already has two stems (it could be that the 
second stem is from a second seed, but I did not plant them that close 
  The parent plant stands about 3½’ tall, leaves are 2’ x 2”.

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  Ismene seedlingAug 14, 2010
by David 
This is my seedling. The parent may be Ismene narcissiflora -- it's a bulb or 
bulbs that I've had for years. 

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Message from David:
My several year old Ismene, which I purchased at a big box store as ??.calathina 
or narcissiflora regularly produces a few 3/4" green seeds which I am learning 
how to raise. After the photo of the parent flower I have photos of the 
seedling. It is now about 2 months old, either has 2 stems or a second seed has 
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