Boophone roots, was B. haemanthoides in bloom at UCBG

Fri, 06 Aug 2010 11:24:36 PDT
You are right about those large roots!  Here is a link to a shot of a 3+ foot root of a B.disticha I (stoopidly) decided to move last year:…
It survived, but was set back considerably.  A sister bulb flowered for the first time this year whereas this one was a bit intolerant of my decision to move it.

San Diego

--- On Fri, 8/6/10, Max Withers <> wrote:

Lesson #2: I was moving some Nerines around the other day when I inadvertantly pulled up one of those fleshy Amaryllid roots Jacob mentioned. I am not sure who it belonged to, but the nearest suspects (4 year old Boophane disticha or Haemanthus coccineus) were over 2 feet away. The root was at least 1/4" inch in diameter, and quite juicy despite the bone dry soil that hasn't seen water since (I think) early May.

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