Amaryllis belladonna
Fri, 27 Aug 2010 14:09:20 PDT
I've just had an amusing experience with the Amaryllis.  I've been 
growing it for several years in the greenhouse and felt I had to share 
such a magnificent, showy flower with my daughter in Santa Rosa, CA, so 
sent her home with one in July.  Last week it was my turn to visit her 
and, perhaps you've guessed already, there was Amaryllis in bloom 
everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  At least she won't be left out.
To top it off, when I got home I was greeted by my own plant beginning 
to do its thing.  Now, I normally keep it totally dry over the summer 
to get it to hold off till October, but this summer was so hot and so 
dry that I spritzed all the dormant bulbs (kept in the greenhouse) a 
few times, and of course the good deed was rewarded by the premature 
bloom.  However, other pots of it show no sign of activity yet.
Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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Greetings, all.Last summer, my Amaryllis belladonna waited until 
September to flower.This year, despite the local summer weather being 
colder than last  summer, I now have more than 10 flower stalks up, and 
flowers will be  along within the week. Very strange, as I expected 
them to flower  even later than last year. Also, I have more stalks 
 from each bulb, 2  or 3 on most. This is perhaps not such a surprise, 
as the plants had  a pretty good period during late winter and spring 
for foliage, after  being frozen back in December, and the bulbs have 
been in place for 5  years, if memory serves.As for Jane's garden, I 
vote for ease of care and mixed display. And  I want to see it as soon 
as she feels it is ready for viewing.KathleenPacific NW Coast, zone 8, 
during a cool foggy 
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