List of seed and bulb vendors

Greg Ruckert
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 16:25:06 PDT
I have deliberately left the other posts below to add meaning.
Border Gateway Bulbs still operates but no longer as that entity.  They now 
appear to sell exclusively via Ebay.
While some vendors continue to offer lists etcetera it may be that Ebay will 
become another major model for collectors/vendors of rarer bulbs.  It allows 
the true value of individual plants to be established.  Businesses do not 
survive by swapping!
I suspect this is one of the reasons that specialist businesses being taken 
over by larger organisations may fail, there is the loss of knowledge but 
also a need to investigate alternative models.

Greg Ruckert
South Australia

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> Alan wrote:
>>>I note that Border Gateway Bulbs, Victoria , Australia is listed.  I
> suspect this business is no longer active as the website has not been
> updated since 2004
> Thanks, Alan!
> Just a reminder to everyone that you can send updates like this directly 
> to
> my personal address, so we don't clutter up the list (no worries, Alan).
> I've already received about 15 messages today with nominations and
> corrections.  Great response!
> Mike
> San Jose, CA

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