Hi I am new

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This is good advice, Doug! And it is better to go through the learning
process first rather than spend lots of money on things that you end up
killing. And I speak from experience  :<((


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kuang huang,

You have to watch carefully to acquire sime if the more difficult
ones. You mentioned Paramongaia weberaueri. Not only is it difficult
to find someone who has offsets, but when you do, (depending on the
age/size of the bulb), the price will be rather high. To buy a mature
bulb (blooming size) the person MAY be asking up to $100  or more. Not
many people have it.

I had a bloom  last year. I thought that I may have some
seeds, but it "decided" not to develop.

I was fortunate enough to acquire Hippeastrum intiflorum a few years
ago and it set seeds. As they developed, I discovered that I was the
only one in the world to have extras available for trade or sale. The
country of Argentina put a "halt" on bulbs being taken from their
country, so I even had a person from Argentina asking for one.

Being fortunate enough to have these for "trade", I was able to
acquire some of the "rare" Hippeastrums in trade.

You just have to be patient and purchase one or two rare ones and try
to "multiply" them (unless you have sufficient funds to purchase the
"rare" ones).

Best of luck, and don't give up.

Doug Westfall

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