What bulb is this?

Ina klazina@orcon.net.nz
Sun, 29 Aug 2010 13:28:20 PDT
  Thanks Josh, that is what it looks like.  With the reddish brown 
covering of the buds.  Looks like I will have to watch it, as it could 
easily become a weed here in our mild climate.  In fact I may not keep 
it, as it tends to flop, and as such I would be inclined to plant it 
amongst other tallish plants to support it, but not if it has weed like 


And yes, Mary Sue, it is not a daffodil.  I was also taking photos of 
some mini daffodils, hence the name with the Sparaxis photo.  I couldn't 
see how to get rid of the wrong name once it was on Flickr.

Thank you all for your replies.

Ina Crossley in damp Auckland, New Zealand.  Rain is all very well, but 
enough is enough.
> I found this link with Sparaxis "Lady Buttercup"  I think it looks very similar,
> although the light seems different in the pictures.
> http://easytogrowbulbs.com/browseproducts/…

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