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Kirby Fong kfong@alumni.caltech.edu
Tue, 31 Aug 2010 20:47:27 PDT

Your unidentified Nerine is possibly Nerine filifolia.  The grass like
foliage looks like the picture 98 opposite page 67 in Wild Flowers of
Southern Africa by Sima Eliovson, Seventh edition, 1984,
ISBN 0 86954 088 2.  Following is her description.  See if it matches
your plant.  Remember, she's talking about the southern hemisphere

N. filifolia (N. filamentosa) The most commonly grown species, this is a
delightful, free-flowering plant.  It is very easy to grow and flowers at
a time when it is most appreciated, at the end of summer.  The flowers
last for 3 weeks from the end of February and into March.  It has also
been recorded in flower in January, May and June.  The plants have
several very fine, 8-inch long, grass-like leaves which rapidly form
thick tufts.  These are more or less evergreen, dying down for a short
time in winter if they are not watered, but remaining evergreen if
watered regularly.  They should be watered particularly during the
summer months.  The flower-stalk grows to a height of about 10 inches
and leans over at an angle.  There are 8 to 10 1-inch flowers which
are a pretty, pale, cyclamen pink.  They deepen in colour during
good rains.  They transplant well and flower regularly, so that they
can be depended upon to make a show even in the first year.

This is a valuable edging plant, but should also be grown in broad
patches at least 2 feet wide.  The bulbs should be planted 2 inches
apart for effect.  They increase so well that there is no problem
in obtaining sufficient plants for display.  This species grows wild
in the eastern Cape, Swaziland and the eastern Transvaal.  N. filifolia
var. parviflora has smaller flowers and thread-like leaves.  It flowers
in August and was found in the eastern Cape near Grahamstown
(F.P.S.A., Vol. 15, Pl. 568)  The plant formerly named N. filamentosa
(F.P.S.A., Vol. 15, Pl. 569) is now regarded as a form of N. filifolia
which is slightly larger in all respects.

     Kirby Fong

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