named mystery bulb

bulborum botanicum
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 10:22:19 PDT
Hello Ina

I will wait for the answer
I think its an interesting plant
very little known


2010/8/4 Ina <>

>  Hello Roland
> At this stage it looks like it could be multiplying by offsets.  Don't know
> anything else about it yet as I was given it as a few bulbs a year ago, so
> this is it first spring with me.  Will wait to see if it sets seed and will
> let the PBS know.
> Also will check with the Shirley, the giver.  However, when I was talking
> on the phone with her earlier this week, to let her know the name, she had
> absolutely no recollection of having it!  Fortunately I had written her name
> on it when I got it, so will see her in a couple of days and she may have
> found it by then.
> Ina      from Auckland where the rain has stopped temporarily.....
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