MBAs and Small Specialty Nurseries -addendum

Ellen Hornig
Thu, 19 Aug 2010 07:23:26 PDT
In my last message, I think I stated my income rather confusingly (so 
someone might have thought: wow!  She made that much!  In that case, I'm 
going to start a nursery now!)  What I meant was that after I quit academics 
and devoted myself full-time to the nursery, I made under 10K in my first 
year, and the net crept upward over the next 12 years to around 72K last 

Like Robin, I happen to own and live on the land where the nurery is, water 
is cheap here, and (don't know Robin's situation here) my husband's job 
gives us health insurance.  If I had to pay for the land and the insurance, 
I'd be netting a whole lot less.


Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
3712 County Route 57
Oswego NY 13126 USA
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> In the last couple of years, I've cleared around $70K - probably better 
> than I would have done if I'd stuck with teaching economics in a small 
> state college.  However, I built up to that with years where I made in the 
> low, then the middle, tens of thousands, so overall I'm quite sure my 
> career as a nuyrseryperson has been less remunerative than continuing my 
> career as a professor of economics would have been. 

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