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James Waddick
Wed, 18 Aug 2010 11:24:46 PDT
>  There have been endless reports of such and
>such well known specialty firm being bought by Giant Humongous Ltd. Pty and
>being promptly, and irretrievably, run into the ground.

Dear Roger,
	Although I tend to agree, I like to 'think' that these 
business oriented operators can streamline without dumbing down. 
Nothing substitutes for the uniqueness of the old mom-n-pop (or 
variation on that) business.

>Sayonara, Parks. Sayonara, Jackson & Perkins.

	Hate to be a rumor monger, but Wayside is the 3rd Musketeeer 
in this group. Can its failure be far behind.

	I forgot to mention that even Hines - once one of the top 2 
or 3 wholesale nursery/suppliers in the country is still struggling 
through bankruptcy proceedings.

	Good luck to all.		Jim W.
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