Lycoris season 1

P. C. Andrews
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 12:11:50 PDT
First L. squamigera buds are finally popping out of the gravel in SE Michigan.  I have two leaf forms- one is relatively wide leafed and the second (added to the bed last year to fill it out a bit) has narrower leaves.  The latter has not bloomed yet but the bulbs looked like squamigera and were advertised as squamigera.  Since I mixed the bulbs, I may not be able to tell which blooms go with which bulb but will tag them next year.
-Phil Andrews

> I also suspect that somatic mutations have crept into the clone(s) of 
> squamigera over the years.  The more prolifically a clone propagates, the 
> more likely somatic changes are to occur.
> Jim Shields


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