Lycoris Season continues

Adam Fikso
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:09:10 PDT
My lycoris have all bloomed more than usual (wettest months in many years in 
Illinois), and are developing seed pods-- showing on all including 
squamigera x any of the following: aurea v. surgens; sanguinea; self; 
longituba; radiata;  incarnata and reciprocals of each .  Since I didn't 
expect any to "take"-- I didn't label any   (Stupid) .  WiIl try to keep 
them separate when I go for germination, later.

The observations about extra water in summer being good for the genus is 
something I can enthusiastically endorse.  It's the best bloom I've had and 
the best fruiting results seen from pollination.  Viabilty is, of  course, 
not known yet.

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> Drar Friends,
> How about a bulb topic?
> After extended drought and a 1 inch rainfall, the ground is still rock 
> hard and bloom season has been very slow and slight.

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