Garden News - OT - Nursery closings

James Waddick
Wed, 18 Aug 2010 07:00:09 PDT
>That would include your local bulb growers, Jim?  Hint, hint.
>--Russell, taking a break from harvesting/replanting bulbs
>At 12:16 AM 8/18/2010, you wrote:
>>         Support your local growers.
>>                                         Jim W.
>Russell Stafford
>Odyssey Bulbs

Dear Russell,
	I hate to mention a specific commercial grower by name 
(ahem......Odyssey Bulbs), but PBS has a number of grower/members who 
rely on customers who are alerted from these pages.  Just this week a 
number of the PBS Family of growers offered Sinningia tubiflora 
options to an eager customer/member.

	It is not that long ago that Seneca Hills Nursery and 
Asiatica Nursery closed their doors.

	If we, the dedicated gardeners don't buy from these 
independent growers, they have no choice but to close shop and leave 
the avid gardeners to the dregs of Big Box and 'Home Improvement" 
garden centers.

	So I'll amend my former statement "Support your local growers 
and especially friends of PBS".

	That's what makes PBS so great: members, whether growers or 
gardeners rely on each other for support, information and friendship, 
among other things.

		Thanks Russell.
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