MBAs and Small Specialty Nurseries -addendum

Ellen Hornig
Thu, 19 Aug 2010 09:03:18 PDT
Not too many 6-figure salaries in 4-year state colleges, other than those of 
the deans, the provost and the prez.  If people knew in graduate school what 
kinds of markets they faced with their newly-minted PhDs, and realistically 
assessed their chances of landing one of the few decent jobs out there, they 
would drop out immediately and take up something more promising, like 
picking tomatoes.

We should maybe return to bulbs before someone (correctly) chastises me for 
leading us astray...


Ellen Hornig
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Ellen wrote: " In my last message, I think I stated my income rather 
(so someone might have thought: wow! She made that much! In that case, I'm
going to start a nursery now!) What I meant was that after I quit academics 
devoted myself full-time to the nursery, I made under 10K in my first year, 
the net crept upward over the next 12 years to around 72K last year."

Contrast that to the yearly income of professors at some schools - said to 
be in
the six figure range!

Jim McKenney
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