Griffinia Leaves, What's Going On?

Adam Fikso
Sun, 29 Aug 2010 12:32:49 PDT
Josh.  It doesn't look like insect damage to me. Although that could have 
been the start  of it.  I hadn't thought it was in a pot.  (none visible) . 
Since I grow almost nothing in pots except for starting things out to ease 
some transitions, I hand't considered that as a factor.  I think it got too 
dry some days, also. Get bigger deeper pots, if  you're going to grow stuff 
in pots.

It's really hard to control moisture and other factors even though some 
aspects are easier to control (if you've got the time)  Loss of attention 
though, can wipe stuff out pretty fast. When I grow in pots, I water them 
every day, or use some clayey loam to slow drainage and keep more moisture 

Much depends on the plant and how many I've killed before. .

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> Nhu & Adam,
>    I got this plant from New York, our humidity has been pretty high this
> summer around here, usually between 60-75 percent.  The average humidity 
> is
> usually between 40-50 percent.  I figured the brown was from some sort of 
> stress
> from changing locations, when I got the plant it was VERY little potting 
> mix,
> the pot was only 1/4 full and that was including the root system and bulb 
> and
> the pot was a very small.  I immediately repotted it in a larger pot with 
> a
> better potting mixture.   I have it in a very shaded area that receives no
> direct sun and I keep the potting mix slightly moist.  I did knock it out 
> of the
> pot to check the root structure and they're very nice and white and the 
> roots
> are now filling the pot.
>    I guess I was primarily worried that it was some sort of insect or 
> something
> and I didn't want it to spread throughout everything else!
> Thanks so much for the timely responses.
> Josh
> Anderson, IN
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