Hippeastrum cybister

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Tue, 03 Aug 2010 15:15:55 PDT
Hi Dell:  I have some H. cybister and they are small bulbs even though a little older than yours.  They are all seedlings from the same batch from Charles Hardman so won't accept the pollen of one another and do not want to offset either.  I am lucky to get one bloom per year and one year they didn't even bother to come up.  Plants are in the sun and largely neglected.  
Patty Colville

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The most recent  BX offering included seed of Hippeastrum cybister
ontributed by Alberto Grossi. The offering was enormously popular. So I am
ondering if Alberto and others among you who grow this species could help
hose who are to become its new parents. I have had the species for years,
ut must be doing something wrong because my bulb is only 3 cm wide and it
as to be at least seven years old. I have recently been growing it in pure
rchid bark, and it seems to like it  and has perked up and grown. Is it
piphytic? Does it reproduce by stolons?
Any advice would  be appreciated.
Best wishes,
Dell Sherk, SE Pennsylvania, z 6/7
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