Smelliest bulbs - and fragrant

J. Agoston
Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:27:02 PDT
I love the smell of the bulbs (and flowers) of Fritillaria imperialis, and
Allium rosenbachianum. The first resembles pot if it is diluted, at least in
the garden, latter is like a rotten salad with rotten onions, but i like it.
I've planted Dracunculus vulgaris, and when it first bloomed we taught
somebody left oysters in the sun for a while at the neighborhood. So i gave
more to my aunt who have some issues with the neighbors :P

My favorite is Tulipa Triumph 'Judith Leyster' it has a nice fragrant of
crushed walnut with a bit of Petroselinum. It is interesting that everybody
who has smelled it had a different opinion about it's fragrance.


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