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Fierycloud fierycloud2002@yahoo.com.tw
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 22:24:00 PST

After trying to import from overseas to Taiwan several times, I have found some information which is commonly listed on the site of company which is B2B type.

1. Most commercial bulbs are summer dormant, spring sprouting and spring flowering, and the dry sale bulbs are dug from Jun-Aug in Netherlands.

2. The bulbs which are summer dormant, autumn sprouting and spring blooming such lilium candidum which has a basal rosette of leaves through the winter is also fresher in summer than winter dug ones.
Most of the winter growing and bulbs seems have the trends in Netherlands. And these bulbs seem to be imported to Netherlands from other country such South Africa in winter (while they are summer dormant in south hemisphere). (Better for the place where have the long spring and cool summer for growing)

3.The both summer dormant, and autumn flowering ones seems to be majorly available in May-Jul such as lycoris whether are autumn, winter or spring sprouting.
http://higan.jp/syasin.html http://higan.jp/hinsyu.html The company don’t ship overseas, but it is the sites which offers the most lycoris varieties I have seen.

4. The both winter dormant and summer growing bulbs are dug from Oct-Dec such as lilium in Netherlands. But the shipping depends on the freezing period of the destination. (Most winter dormant bulbs seem need to be kept near 9-5 degree C while shipping. )

5. There are also bulbs which tend to be sprouting all year such as lilium regale, crocosmia, and etc under the climate of Netherlands. (Some of the commercial lilium also have the summer sprouting problem in Netherlands for the cool summer.) 

6. The situation of bulbs which affects both the requirement of regulations of quarantine and custom tax a lot. The dormant ones is much easier to get through than the sprouting ones in most cases.

7. I have encountered the dry-out situations in lilium, Fritillaria, crocosmia, and Cyrtanthus, and the company told me that only some of the bulbs such as the Dahila could use the plastic bag to prevent dry out. (The peat needs the phytosanitary certificate and a additional declaration in most country.)

8. Phenology differs.

It seems that there are many spring bulbs, but only Dahlia, lilium, gladiolus and, Zantedeschia are summer bulb crop in Netherlands.

By the way the Tulip photo-book seems to be updated.


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