J. Agoston
Sat, 11 Dec 2010 09:37:45 PST

If it is thrips, you have to see greyish really small spots on the leaves
(no web, if you have a web it is spidermite!), thrips sucks cells out they
get filled with air that is why it looks gray or slivery.
Thrips are hard to kill. They have a 2-4 weeks of not feeding stages in the
soil, so if you use chemicals you have to re-apply in 7-10 days again,
moreover there are a lot of resistent types. Their life cycle is depending
on the temperature, on room tempearute 3-4 weeks needed for 1 cycle.
In the US you may use talstar, conserve, botaniguard (this is a bacteria),
or predatory mites. These are contact insecticides, they are cheaper thn
systemic. You may also try to use 1 systemic like Avid, in every second
week, prepare that you may have to re-spray your plants 3-4 times!


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