lou jost
Tue, 28 Dec 2010 11:45:49 PST
Hi Jude,
  No, sorry, there would be zillions of permits and inspections and red tape required before I could send something to you. I only grow a a few plants each, of three species, for study. I mentioned them just to give people some cultural insights from their native habitat. 

By the way, in nature the Amazonian populations are only very loosely synchronized in their flowering season. At any one moment there are usually only a few widely scattered plants in flower. The western (Pacific) species E. astrophiala has a more synchronized blooming schedule and many more (but smaller) flowers, which stay open over a much longer period than the Amazonian species. 

Light is good when you want these to flower. Also a slight dry period may be a useful signal to make them want to flower. I accidentally got lots of mine to flower more or less synchronously by forgetting to water them for a few weeks.



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