The Plant List

Tim Chapman
Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:47:58 PST
As with other such lists, this is not the endall for valid names. I just looked at two genera Kaempferia and Hedychium quickly.  Several newly published species aren't on the list yet, some older names were transferred to other genera (even before some of the new species that are on the list were published). Recently published DNA work will combine some of the valid species, as well as revive pseudonyms to valid species.  This, from a small sampling.  In addition the unresolved species I looked at were recently published species, and not being challenged as far as I know. 

The amount of pseudonyms is no surprise and no recent revelation. The fox news take is rather slanted. Yes species have been published under multiple names.  There are numerous reasons for this, including the incredible diversity seen within some species themselves.  Is diversity really measured by total number of species?  If the lumpers take offer then diversity becomes much less?  If the splitters then have a turn diversity becomes even richer than previously thought?  

Tim Chapman

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