Dennis Kramb
Sun, 12 Dec 2010 11:58:51 PST
Funny you should mention that.  My terrarium is, well, 50% of the plants in
there are Pinguiculas... natures very own sticky-leaved fly-papers.  And you
are correct, they have apparently been feasting on the adult flies/gnats.  I
will get some Thrip Sticks though for my other grow rooms.

Thanks everyone!
Dennis in FROZEN Cincinnati

On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 1:01 PM, David Fenwick Snr. <> wrote:

> Dennis,
> Try using 'Thrip Stick' . It's a non-chemical control similar to using
> fly-paper. Thrip Stick is basically a piece of bright yellow plastic that
> has a coating of polybutene, a highly sticky substance. Thrips are attracted
> to the colour of the plastic and stick to it and die. I used to cut up the
> plastic cards into 2-3 inch squares and place these on pea sticks in pots so
> that they are at the same height as the flowers. The benefit of using 'Thrip
> Stick' is that it will also catch other flies, like fungus gnat and wasps;
> however it will also catch any biological control as well. They last for
> months but if they are successful in catching flies, can look a bit
> unsightly after a while.
> Found a good thrip link for you
> (Western Flower Thrip)
> Best Wishes,
> Dave
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