Snowdrop question

David Nicholson
Mon, 20 Dec 2010 11:44:00 PST
Jim McKenney wrote

<SNIP>.....There is also a photo of the cultivar 'Godfrey Owen' which shows 
(or rather is said to have) six inner segments and six outer segments (i.e. 
double the
usual numbers of each). When we speak of "double snowdrops" we usually mean 
those with multiplied inner segments. The term poculiform has been used to
describe those with inners and outers of about the same size.

Can anyone update us on current usage among galanthomanes?  <SNIP>

I'm not a Galanthophile but this response on the SRGC Forum from Anthony 
Darby might be useful (See Reply 121)…

David Nicholson
In frozen Devon, UK. Zone 9b (it is alleged!)

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