Snowdrop question

Diane Whitehead
Mon, 20 Dec 2010 20:41:53 PST
There is a big difference between sending a friend off with a clump of  
blooming snowdrops encased in a clod of moist earth that gets planted  
within a short time, and a nursery worker digging up a similar clump,  
removing most of the soil from it, separating it into individual  
plants, wrapping them in plastic and mailing them off to customers.   
In the first case, many of the plants in the clump won't be disturbed  
much if at all, but in the second case, they are all disturbed several  
times over.

Planting snowdrops "in the green" was started because snowdrops did  
not take kindly to being dug and dried in hot conditions in Turkey and  
similar places.

I imagine the treatment of snowdrop bulbs has improved a lot now that  
they are being farmed in the mountains in Turkey.

Diane Whitehead

On 20-Dec-10, at 4:00 PM, Jim McKenney wrote:

> John Grimshaw’s asseverations on the topic of moving snowdrops,  
> which I
> trust were made with the best of intentions, certainly run counter  
> to a
> lifetime of my experiences as a backyard snowdrop grower.

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