Pacific BX 264

Alberto Castillo
Thu, 16 Dec 2010 17:20:03 PST
A few comments on the following plants
> 1. Seeds of Moraea vegeta (W). This is one of the Moraeas to start with: large seeds, not very fussy and partial to moist places in the wild and therefore resistant to overwatering. Long period of bloom if faded flowers are removed.
> 2. Seeds of Sparaxis caryophyllacea (W). An easy species with quite large fragrant flowers, belonging to subgenus Synnotia. Long period of bloom in late winter/early spring.

> 3. Seeds of "Homoglads" like those that appear in the wiki, super plants. (W). This is an outstanding group of plants with the foliage of Gladiolus tristis and the flowers resembing G. priorii or huttonii. Flowers are really large, several per stem but more outstanding is the amazing variety of color combinations. All in warm colors, cream, fawn, beige, terracotta, reds, orange, brown, salmon, and all with stripes and marks in contrasting colors. Adult corms produce a few medium sized cormlets each season and they also produce very good seed. Most forms come true from seed but cross pollination yields endless combinations. Some have flowered during their second season from sowing.
See some under 
"Gladiolus huttonii X tristis"


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