An easy way to search for bulb sources

Michael Mace
Wed, 29 Dec 2010 14:19:52 PST
Robin's question on Oxalis reminded me that more than a month ago David
Pilling designed a fantastic custom search function for the PBS sources
list.  You type in the name of a plant, and it automatically searches for
your plant on the websites of every bulb and seed supplier we listed.  You
can also specify whether you are searching for seeds, bulbs, or both.


David sent me the code in November.  I looked at it, thought it was
incredibly nifty, and then forgot to add it to the sources page.  Sorry
about that.  I just added the code, so the sources search function is now
active.  You can see it here:…


Scroll down a bit to see the search box; it is different from the wiki
search box at the top of the frame.


I think it works EXTREMELY well.  It saves a lot of manual searching.


All hail David!




PS:  Robin, try searching for "Oxalis."  Also try clicking on the "bulbs"
tab.  You'll find a number of sources.

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