Hippeastrum species

Lyn Edwards zcat@grapevine.com.au
Fri, 24 Dec 2010 15:00:43 PST
I hope you are safe following cyclone this morning,

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Thanks Jim,
I am at alt. approx 500m, bulbs are about the size of large hens eggs, but a
friend who lives on the coast has bulbs the same age that are larger than
tennis balls and offsetting like crazy.

Very wet near Cairns, North Queensland

> Hi,
> They are both evergreen.  The aulicum can use a month of drying off in
> summer to help initiate bloom in winter -- I have some aulicum seedlings
> the greenhouse blooming for the first time right now.
> I think two years old is still too young to expect blooms on Hippeastrum
> species seedlings.
> My greenhouses are too cold in winter for the calyptratum, I'm afraid, and
> have too low a relative humidity as well, I suspect.  H. calyptratum has
> never bloomed for me, but I keep hoping.
> Jim Shields
> in cold and snowy Westfield, Indiana

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