Crinum longifolium?

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 09 Dec 2010 07:37:55 PST
Jim Shields has suggested the Tropicos data base as a source for 
looking up the most accepted species names. I think it is an 
excellent resource.

Another one I use for South African plants is the South African 
Biodiversity Institute's plants of Southern African, an online checklist:

The latter says about Crinum longifolium:
AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum longifolium Thunb. = Crinum bulbispermum
  [No lifecycle defined]. [No lifeform defined]. Ht [?]-[?]m. Alt 
[?]-[?]m. [No distribution defined]

I've mentioned before that I also find the Kew monocot checklist very helpful:

If you look up Crinum longifolium

(L.) Thunb.

 in it, you have another choice:

Ammocharis longifolia (L.) Herb.

Also mudding the water is that two different people named Crinum 
longifolium so that there could have been two different plants.

The advantage to using some of these well respected data bases is 
that they are often updated. The frustrating thing is that they don't 
always agree.

Our wiki Crinum pages are another wonderful resource thanks in great 
degree to Jay Yourch and Alani Davis. We don't have all the 
Australian species on it however. Hopefully some day one of our 
Australian members will help supply images of them.

Mary Sue

ree. 06:58 AM 12/9/2010, you wrote:
>>I have a bunch of Crinum longifolium, and have been selling a few 
>>on Ebay. I was just contacted by another member saying that this is 
>>now known as Crinum bulbispermum.
>>I cannot find anything supporting this claim. I'd love to hear any 
>>input on this matter. Thanks!
>Dear Jude,
>         Les Hannibal in his review of Garden Crinums (1970) lists 
> C. longifolium  Thunb. as a synonym of C. bulbispermum. \
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