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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 10:05:05 PST
Dear Friends,
	The diametric positions given by John and Jim - ship bulbs 
dormant versus ship bulbs in growth just reflects the way most 
gardeners have been tuned into Dutch Bulb Shipping Practices. DBSP 
want all bulbs dormant , dry and shipped in in Sept or Oct. We, 
however,  as bulb growers KNOW that this schedule is not always the 
case. Although most tulips, narcissus and hyacinths tolerate this 
timetable, * some bulbs are just not very happy being dug in Sept. 
(or earlier) dried on racks and stored for weeks or months before 
going back into the ground.

	Jane has mentioned Fritillaria, I con confirm Lycoris, and 
others have mentioned Galanthus as just needing special handling and 

	Isn't it just obvious that some bulbs can tolerate the DBSP, 
but some are not as adaptable. We as devoted geophyte fans can adjust 
our own personal schedule to dig and ship /share bulbs to fit the 
bulbs, not the DBSP routine. This is one reason the Bulb/Seed Ex is 
such a success.  Donors supply bulbs at the 'right' time, not on 
calendar time.

	How many complaints have you heard about Eranthis and 
Sternbergia being dried out and dead on arrival in Nov. ?

	I won't even start on how the DBSP doesn't work very well for 
fall blooming bulbs like Fall Crocus, Colchicum etc.

	So Jim and John may both be right if the bulbs successfully 
make the move, grow and bloom.

		Best	and Happy Solstice to all. 		Jim W.

* or have the Dutch have selected cvs that tolerate this schedule?
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