Alani Davis
Mon, 27 Dec 2010 09:57:05 PST
In my experience, if an Eucharis get too much light, the foliage scorches
fairly easily but they do bloom better if they get better indirect light.
Mine have bloomed even when somewhat scorched but just doesn't look as nice
of course. If yours isn't being scorched or has yellowed areas on the leaves
from the light exposure it is getting, then it is probably alright for now.
Just be on the look out for yellow or light spots on the foliage and keep an
eye it as the sunlight strengthens and it could get to be too much gradually
and sneak up on you. All that said, I general grow mine in filtered light
filtered by other plants or in reflected indirect light to avoid these
issues. Once they get burned, they can hold those leaves for awhile and look
rough. They can be cut back but take while to grow back and mine has skipped
a blooming season here and there when this has been done to it,so I just try
to avoid the burn issue. Mine is in front of a northwest facing window.
Alani Davis

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