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Fri, 31 Dec 2010 06:58:14 PST
>  This is a forum entry reguarding obtaining bulbs from Japan .
>  Del

Dear Del,
	An interesting discussion about a group order of 
mini-Hippeastrum from Komoriya Nursery. I don't recognize any names 
of the forum members. Was the order placed? Is it still open?

	I went to the nursery web site and they have a very 
interesting list and a few photos, but no prices on their English 
site, a few in Japanese. ( http://www.komoriya.co.jp/)

	Do you have a price list?

	Sounds very interesting.

	I think some of this list might be interested to add a few 
bulbs if a group order is in the works.

	Thanks and Happy New Year		Jim W.
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