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roy land
Wed, 10 Feb 2010 07:49:17 PST

greetings all:

i live in a suburb of dallas texas.  i have had a lifelong passion for horticulture, with a special interest in bulbs.  i always had flowerbeds from my earliest memories.  i remember when my granny brought me a special gift of a sack of narcissus from her garden to mine.  (i just recently purchased a rhizome of 'wabash' iris, a variety that i remember from my granny's garden)  my love for plants continued with a degree in floriculture from texas a&m.  

now, i am working at a greenhouse in the city of glenn heights, texas.  we grow bedding plants, mostly 18 count flats/4" pots.  i propagate a lot of cuttings and grow some seeds.  

this past year my interest in amaryllis resulted in my trying my hand at hybridization of amaryllis,  eventually collecting seed, and growing  seedlings.  i also grew several zephyranthes varieties and just recently planted formosa lily. 

i have been reading the threads on the various topics y'all discuss, realizing how much i don't know about bulbs!  after months of reading over the discussions and "drooling" over the seed exchange lists, i just recently joined the pbs.  

i look forward to learning more about bulbs and also in trying to grow different genera from seed.  its nice to find a group that shares my passion for bulbs.

roy land
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