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Emilie Pulver
Wed, 17 Feb 2010 08:50:02 PST
As a long time grower of tropical carnivorous plants, or CP's, I was going to suggest that PBS members look at the Meadowview Research station at as a place to support as well as find plants for backyard bogs. Be aware that all but one species of Sarracenia are southern plants and will need much mulching in more northern climates to carry them over the winter. Pine needle mulching is recommended by many who grow these, as the plants like acid conditions. 

I also recommend the website of the International Carnivorous Plant Society at for information about CPs, especially about the Sarracenia. See Barry Rice's award winning FAQ's for detailed information on Sarracenias, species and culture.

Venus Fly Traps originate from a bulb like structure but not Sarracenias. 
For indoor growers with terrariums I would recommend tropical pitcher plants, Nepenthes, which do not need dormancy. Meadowview usually offers one or two of the most easily grow species of this genus. When growing indoors, high humidity and watering with distilled water are basic to keeping CP's alive.

Emilie Pulver

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I just found an amazing catalog of Sarracenias on

They have more varieties available than any other online source... by far!
And it looks like the money goes to a good cause.  Some of the prices are
jaw dropping.  You've been warned.  It looks like now is the best time to
buy... late winter.

By the way... am I correct in thinking Sarracenias are NOT geophytes?  If
so, sorry for this OT diversion.

Dennis in Cincinnati  (is it wrong for a vegetarian human to grow
carnivorous plants?)

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