Preventing cross pollination (if possible)

Justin Smith
Tue, 16 Feb 2010 17:16:28 PST
Hello everyone,


Spring is coming and I want to be prepared just in case my bulbs finally bloom. I have several dozen pots of different glads, moraea, romulea and the like.


Though I am unsure just how many are mature enough to bloom but I have at least some hope that I might get some bloomages. 


I am curious though as to how cross pollination is prevented in the closely related species. I would like to start getting seed but I certainly want to prevent hybridization. To ask for information on how to make flower condoms has a big giggle factor, but alas. That is pretty much what I need.  I know plastic bags would be effective but in Texas heat that would most likely cook anything outdoors and I am just not able to cycle my pots indoors to keep them from being roasted alive. 


I am also thinking that any cloth/material that would allow air to flow through it would also allow pollen to escape. 


Anyone have any suggestions or do I just have to settle for letting the bulbs divide on their own to increase their numbers. And clipping the blooms so seed are not formed and all nutrients go to bulb growth?



Woodville, TX 8b/9a
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