carnivorous plants

Wed, 10 Feb 2010 17:09:29 PST
Hi Dennis, 
I grow several species of Pinguicula and Drosera in my greenhouse. Temps range from 70°s on bright sunny days to low 50°s at night. I don't have them in a terrarium, but do have them sitting in saucers of rain water. They seem to be quite happy this way. They bloom almost constantly but have not been able to set any seed. The biggest problem I have found is that the mice absolutely love them--for lunch--eating (I presume) or possibly just taking entire plants.

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Jim McKenney wrote:
> Dennis, the structure from which the flytrap grows is formed from swollen
> leaf bases - so yes, it is definitely a bulb, a dicot bulb at that. Drosera,
> closely related to Dionaea, also forms a bulb. 

That's awesome! :) If mine set seed I'll have a good (and unusual) 
donation for the PBS BX!

> For best results, I would get all of these plants out of the terrarium,
> where they are almost certain to have a long, drawn out death and get them
> into full blazing sun (or, given your location, the brightest, most intense
> indoor light you can provide). 

You just described where they're already going to be! (but in a 
terrarium). And the terrarium will provide the humidity they love. So 
I think this will be quite successful. I think the tricky part will be 
removing them in winter and storing them in an appropriately chilly spot.

Thanks for the info! If I'm successful with these, I'll try some of the 
more exotic cultivars on the market.

Dennis in Ohio

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