One last shot of great foliage!

John Grimshaw
Sun, 14 Feb 2010 00:11:21 PST
From: "James Waddick" <>
> What is that pot of violet purple flowers just to the right
> of the Haemanthus and in front of the Gethyllis?

It looks like Lapeirousia oreogena to me - a distinctive plant with those 
'flat', radially symmetric flowers with conspicuous white eyes. It is 
famously pollinated by an extremely long-tongued fly.

In these pictures by Ken it is interesting to see how plants are staged for 
showing: the Lapeirousia is in a grubby commercial square black pot: if such 
a gem appeared on a show bench here it would have the dignity of a clean 
clay pot and fresh topdressing of washed chippings (with the grubby pot 
concealed beneath it!).

John Grimshaw

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