old homestead bulbs

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Tue, 09 Feb 2010 17:27:41 PST
Maybe we could send Dennis a camera if he can't find it the image he 
remembers.  I did note some of the earlier ones,  e.g., Amas. albicans, to 
myself and did not trouble with the somewhat later ones that were important 
in breeding.  But yes, a throwaway cheap digital camera could help us.  Are 
you listening,(reading)  Dennis?

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> On Feb 9, 2010, at 1:12 PM, Adam Fikso wrote:
>> Hi, John .    The Historic Iris Preservation Society has photos of
>> many
>> historics on their website.
>> Worth checking for an ID. All appear to be correct  within my
>> memory and
>> references. Adam Fikso
> Thanks, Adam,
> I am familiar with the Historic Iris Preservation Society, and I have
> grown many species and early iris cultivars.  Over the years I have
> shared rhizomes with one of my best friends, Phil Edinger, an active
> member and collector and a former editor of the American Iris Society
> Bulletin. He is currently head of the Iris ID committee of HIPS.
> The cultivars pictured in the HIPS gallery are a bit more modern than
> those I had in mind.  I am dating myself when I say that most of the
> varieties in this gallery were still in common circulation when I
> began growing growing iris as a pre-teenager.  The irises I have
> found in old gardens in southern California tend to be much older
> ones--ones that have been passed along down the centuries like Iris X
> albicans (the Moorish grave iris), which I believe have been grown in
> California gardens since Spanish Missionary times, and 19th century
> ones like 'Crimson King' (1896?).  Both are repeat-bloomers.
>  I was just wondering if Dennis might describe his iris so we might
> try to identify it.
> John C. MacGregor
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