Tue, 09 Feb 2010 14:33:25 PST
Hello Everyone!

My name is Tommie Gillam, I am new to PBS and to this list. I have 
been following everyone's posts with great interest and thought I 
should stop by and introduce myself.  I live in the Arkansas Ozarks 
on 40 acres "back in the woods", our nearest neighbor is 1 mile away. 
I have a wide range of horticultural interests, but the one that has 
lead me here is a growing interest in South African bulbs. My 
favorites at this time are Ledebouria, Drimiopsis and Lachenalia, 
although they are always changing as I learn more about different 
genera. I will admit that having been a freckle-faced child I have a 
certain weakness for anything with spotted foilage.  We too have been 
dealing with this "white' winter. We have had more snow in the last 2 
weeks than in the last 5 years combined.  During last winter's ice 
storm we were without power for 13 days, after 4  1/2 days of hard 
work, my husband and our neighbor were finally able to cut all the 
downed trees out of the 2 mile stretch to the main highway and we 
promptly bought a generator.  We have kerosene lights, wood heat and 
a gravity water system but the main purpose of the generator is to 
provide electricty to the fans that circulate warm air into the 
attached passive-solar greenhouse, I have my priorities;)  Stay warm everyone!


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