Cyrtanthus mackenii 'Himalayan Pink'

Mon, 22 Feb 2010 13:57:10 PST
Beautiful, Chris!
always a very soft pink?  I found another Flickr posting of a similar, albeit slightly more intense pink from a gentleman in Japan, which he calls C. mackenii 'Rosea' and indicates it had been around (in Japan) for over 100 years.  I hope he doesn't mind me posting a link to his photo:
No clue how or why yours refers to 'Himalayan'.  In any case, I now covet a pink C. mackenii!
San Diego

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I bought this bulb a couple of years ago in our Wisley shop:…

It first appeared in the RHS Plant Finder in 2006 at Beeches Nursery but I doubt that was where it was first named.  It is more or less evergreen and flowers easily despite the neglect I give it.  I presume it is just another coloured selection of C. mackenii.  But does anyone know anymore about it, especially where it got that strange name?  What does a South African plant have to do with the Himalaya?


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