You don't want to be here now...

David Ehrlich
Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:55:03 PST
When I first moved to my current home on the San Francisco peninsula, power outages occurred nearly twice a year, each lasting for the better part of a day.  In short order I bought a propane stove – my house is all-electric (I hate electric stoves!),  a good camping lantern, bright enough to light a room and read by, good flashlights easily located on every floor, and battery operated fluorescent lights, which I could leave on all night, for the bathrooms.  I am lucky in that it rarely goes below freezing here, and that I have a wood-burning fireplace.  We continue to have occasional power outages, but I am always ready to cope with them.  The only things I’ll miss are my favorite TV programs – but, I can go see a movie, instead.  Well, there are other inconveniences, too, but I manage.  Oh, a cell-phone and a potable radio are also good things to have.
David E.

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