Neomarica Key in English

James Waddick
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:18:56 PST
>On the wikiI I have included a digram I received 
>from Mario Peixto, which came originaly from the 
>doctoral thesis of Lindolpbo Capellari Júnior 
>(Taxonomical Revision of the Genus Neomarica 
>Sprague)  (I can refer you to the original 
>document -- in Portuguese, or a key to species, 
>also in Portuguese, or a key from a French Irid 
>society -- in French.)

Dear Friends,
	If you contact me privately I can send 
you a loose but workable translation of the 
Lindolpbo Capellari Júnior Neomarica key with its 
unique visual components.

	It is about  160 KB. Please send me your 
email address PRIVATELY to

	Best		Jim W.
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